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askthedog93's Journal

Real Warfare from Real Warriors
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In the spirit of askthedon and askthedude, I present askthedog93. askthedog was taken by a stupid git from Scotland who hasn't posted anything, so sod him.

Unlike askthedon, where the owner provides stock answers about the Radical Christian Faith because she's too young or naive to know any better and shuts off the opposition Bill O'Reilly Style, or askthedude, where the owner provides intelligent and informed answers about the Christian Faith from a liberal/gay/paganish standpoint, askthedog93 is where your host, maxomai, smacks around and gets smacked back on matters of Thelema. "As Brothers Fight Ye!"

I reserve the right to talk out my ass, as most Thelemites do this openly and ignorantly anyway. I expect you to smack me for it, and hard enough to teach me a lesson. Most of you do that anyway outside of this forum, so it should come naturally to you.

Do what thou wilt and all that, but we still need some discipline. So here's the rules.


000: Duck! Duck! Goose!

00: We fear nothing because nothing is the scariest shit there is.

0: The goal is evolution.

1: If you want to ask something because you're curious, uninformed, or just like to hear yourself talk, fire away. This is a free speech zone.

2: If we don't get back to you asap, sit on your ass and be patient. Chances are I have a million things to do, and they're all more important than you. Really.

3: The only reason I will ban you is if you bitch about the way you're being treated by somebody else, because nothing pisses me off more. If you want to be treated better, act better, and if the other guy is just a flaming fucking asshole, then grow a thick skin.

4: What happens here, stays here. I'm totally serious about this, by the way. If you are getting pissed off at someone enough to want to hurt them in real life, back away from the keyboard and get some fucking perspective. This is LiveJournal, not real life. Moreover, a good rule of thumb is that this shit should not spill over into other journals or other communities. Invoke Geburah, do not invoke the Burners; or in other words, I expect a cage match, not a riot. See rules 0 and 2 for some ideas on how to think approach this group.

In addition to all this, you are expected to abide by LiveJournal's Terms of Service. If you piss someone off and they complain to LJ and LJ yanks my account, I'm going to be right fucking pissed.